Hi. I'm Cristina.


I’m a science-savvy storyteller.

Whether you need a full publication or a single blog post, I’ve got your back.



Science and environmental writing — all writing, really — should be both fun and accurate.

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I manage all aspects of editorial production — on time, and with an intense eye for detail. Always.

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My photos have appeared on magazine covers, in feature articles and reports, and online.

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I write educational exhibits, research content, and manage the whole process when needed.

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Is your project bigger than one person?

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Smithsonian Zoogoer

Edited and managed Smithsonian Zoogoer, the membership magazine for the National Zoo.

Land Trust Alliance

Wrote, edited, and managed a multi-state project report for Land Trust Alliance.

Outlaw Garden

Re-launched Outlaw Garden, a blog about gardening in the suburbs.


Cristina Santiestevan

owner / founder / writer / editor

I write, edit, and manage all aspects of the publication process, both print and online. I’m a fanatic for details and accuracy, and believe passionately that science writing can — and should — be both fun and educational. I’m a lifelong multi-tasker and a bit of a perfectionist, two quirks that fit well with the often-crazed schedule of deadlines and deliverables most publications require. Away from the computer, I’m also a rule-breaking gardener, a wanna-be beekeeper, and a tree-hugging dirt worshipper.

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