Morel mushrooms enjoy an almost cult-like following. The seasonal mushrooms are generally only available for a few weeks in the spring. They are incredibly difficult to see. And, they taste like a slice of the forest: earthy, rich and delicious. So, it’s no wonder that most morel hunters are aggressively secretive about their favorite morel-finding haunts. In this article, I share some secrets of the morel hunt with Flavor Magazine’s readers.

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When Amy Goins offered to take me hunting for morels, the caveat was that I’d need to travel blindfolded in the trunk of the car. She told me she was kidding—sort of. The truth is that avid morel hunters are fiercely protective of their favorite spots and aren’t likely to reveal their secrets to anyone. “The very question will make a morel hunter as elusive as the mushroom itself,” warns Goins.

Combine tight-lipped morel seekers with the shyness of their quarry, and finding morels might seem like an impossible task. But trust in patience and luck, and you’ll find them. Eventually. “It took me three years to find my first morel,” says Goins. “And I looked everywhere.”